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Our Story


At Beitler Final Mile, we focus on quality and execution as the premiere pool distribution and LTL freight services provider within the industry. Our highly trained company drivers use the latest safety equipment to guarantee quality and efficient deliveries.

Your Premier Retail Distribution Service Provider.

The Beitler Company History – Affiliated with the Best

Thanks to our affiliate company, W.J. Beitler Company (WJB), we bring decades of experience and knowledge to our services. WJB is a fourth-generation owned warehouse, distribution, and trucking company established in 1917. WJB is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, but has expanded to the entire U.S. and Canada while growing their 100+ year reputation.


Our Regional Services

Beitler Final Mile is a Cleveland-based transportation company that gives you access to our private fleet of company drivers for your transportation services, including:

    • Final Mile Delivery 
    • LTL Freight Services 
    • Logistics Services 
    • Pool Distribution Logistics 
    • Specialized Deliveries 
    • Truckload Backhaul Transportation 
    • Warehouse Services

We are a Leader in Retail Pool Distribution & Logistics

The BLS Longevity is Your Success

When the Beitler Final Mile customers succeed, we do too! That’s why we focus on providing you with superior service.


Long Term Relationships

We work with our customers to provide them with the services and professionalism they need to meet their long-term goals. We achieve success through our long-term relationships.


Our Experts

Our team members are certified and knowledgeable in their area of expertise to ensure you’re only working with the best for your needs.



Our affiliation with WJB provides us with decades of knowledge and experience that benefits our customers.



Each team member is dedicated and committed to our customer’s goals. They understand their customer’s success helps with their success. We hold ourselves to the highest level of professionalism, honor, and integrity.


Pursuit of Excellence

Our customer relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. The Beitler Final Mile team shares their skills and eagerness to help each customer.

The Beitler Advantage

Learn more about how you can experience the Beitler Advantage!